Sam Nunberg just admitted that Donald Trump conspired with Russia to rig the election

We’re still trying to sort through all the juicy, revealing, sometimes self contradictory, and often quasi-coherent things that longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg just revealed during his pair of surreal interviews on CNN and MSNBC today. At various points Nunberg announced that he’s refusing to abide by a grand jury subpoena, that he’s planning to be arrested for it, and that there’s a grand jury against Roger Stone. Nunberg also admitted that Donald Trump conspired with Russia during the election.

Nunberg’s on-air interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper was largely incoherent, but here’s how CNN’s Manu Raju is characterizing what will end up being the most important moment once the smoke clears: “Ex-Trump aide Nunberg says he believes Trump knew about the Don Jr-Russian meeting at Trump Tower a week before it happened in June 2016, says he doesn’t understand why Trump is trying to hide it.” If Trump knew in advance about his son’s meeting with the Russians, that means Trump didn’t merely try to cover it up after the fact. It means he was in on the conspiracy all along.

Donald Trump Jr went into that meeting seeking “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russians that he could use to alter the outcome of the election. That’s a felony, and it’s a given that Junior will be indicted and arrested for it eventually. This means that Donald Trump also illegally conspired with Russia to try to alter the outcome of the election.

So much for Donald Trump’s endless claims that there was “no collusion” between his campaign and Russia during the election. His own flailing adviser Sam Nunberg just admitted, in a moment he’d probably like to have back, that Trump himself was in on that collusion. Nunberg expects to be arrested by Robert Mueller any minute for refusing to testify – but Nunberg just gave away the whole game on live national television.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report