Former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are now attacking each other in real time

Former and maybe still-current Trump adviser Sam Nunberg appeared on MSNBC and CNN today and turned in a stunningly bizarre performance for the ages. He announced that he was refusing to cooperate with a grand jury subpoena from Robert Mueller, but he also accused Donald Trump of being guilty in the Russia scandal. Sarah Huckabee Sanders then fired back on behalf of the White House. Nunberg than called up yet another TV channel and began attacking Huckabee Sanders.

Nunberg told MSNBC that he thought Robert Mueller probably has Trump nailed for having conspired with Russia during the election. Nunberg then told CNN that Trump knew about his son’s Russia meeting a week before it happened. This prompted Sarah Huckabee Sanders to try to distance Trump and the White House from Nunberg, who worked as a Trump adviser for several years (and may still be one) but never did join the Trump White House. Nunberg then called up New York based television station NY1 and unloaded on Huckabee Sanders.

Nunberg said “If Sarah Huckabee wants to start debasing me, she’s a joke. Okay fine, yeah, she’s unattractive, she’s a fat slob, but [inaudible] that’s irrelevant. The person she works for has a thirty percent approval rating, okay? So if she wants to start attacking me, she can do that, that’s fine. But we know it’s a joke. Everybody knows it’s a joke.”

Unless Sam Nunberg relents and cooperates with the grand jury subpoena after all, he’ll almost certainly be arrested for contempt of court. He’s stated at various points during the day that he doesn’t care if he goes to prison over it. He said that he refuses to turn over evidence against his friend and mentor Roger Stone. However, Nunberg’s semi-coherent rambling made it sound as if he thinks Stone is guilty. He also confirmed that Mueller has a grand jury against Roger Stone and Julian Assange. The night is still young.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report