GOP Senator Ben Sasse goes off the deep end in deranged speech to high school kids

Republican Senator Ben Sasse is one of those types who speaks in reasonable-sounding bipartisan terms when doing interviews in mixed company, but when you dig deeper you find out he’s as much of a far-right extremist as anyone else in his party. As it turns out, Sasse is also something of a creep.

Senator Sasse gave a virtual commencement speech to a graduating high school class in his home state of Nebraska, and it revealed that he’s apparently a racist who hates gym teachers. These two minutes from Sasse’s speech tell you all you need to know about how bad it was (if the video below won’t load on your device, go here instead):



This was so cringe-worthy, we thought perhaps it wasn’t from a real commencement speech, and Ben Sasse filmed it as a parody instead. But no, it’s very much real. Sasse was speaking to Fremont High School. The local NBC affiliate is reporting that a member of the school board is calling on Sasse to apologize for the speech.

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