Donald Trump’s officials begin publicly sniping at each other as it all falls apart

You know the wheels are coming off for an administration when some of its officials begin trying to publicly scapegoat each other for what’s going wrong. And the wheels are really coming off when those officials start publicly firing back at each other.

That’s what is now playing out within the failing Donald Trump regime, as Americans increasingly demand to know why the regime did so little coronavirus testing early on, back when doing so could have contained the outbreak and saved a huge number of lives. Trump’s racist idiot trade adviser Peter Navarro went on Meet The Press on Sunday morning and tried to scapegoat the CDC for the lack of testing.

Here’s the thing: the CDC is part of the Trump regime. This is like the left hand blaming the right hand for stealing something, and thinking it somehow exonerates the person the hands belong to. Now a senior CDC official is pointing out the obvious: “If there is criticism of the CDC, ultimately Mr. Navarro is being critical of the President and the man who President Trump placed to lead the agency.”

We’re not quite sure where this is headed. Donald Trump seems to like Peter Navarro (they’re two peas in a horrifying pod), but Trump seems to feel that he needs CDC Director Robert Redfield, so maybe Trump will just ignore this feud and not fire anyone. But either way, it’s a reminder of just how badly the wheels are coming off. This is a regime in chaos – and scapegoating only begets more scapegoating.

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