Donald Trump is gone

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If I were at the center of a massive criminal investigation that was rapidly taking down the people around me, and my closest remaining adviser had just quit, and my son-in-law was feuding with me, and I was in the process of being exposed as a traitor, I’m honestly not sure what I’d do under the pressure. Could I pull it together and try to mount a defense, or would I just lose whatever marbles I may have had left? At least now we know where Donald Trump stands on the matter.

After floundering throughout the worst week yet in his historical failure of an illegitimate presidency, Trump finally found his focus very early on Friday morning. Was it the criminal investigation? Was it the staff he’s been hemorrhaging? Was it his imploding family? Nah, none of the above. Instead Trump decided that the real problem in his life is an actor whose name he couldn’t even remember. Trump launched into a rant about “Alex Baldwin” at five-something in the morning, then spelled it wrong again just to make clear that it wasn’t merely a typo, and then later deleted it.

That’s right, Trump is so far gone, he no longer even knows the name of the actor who routinely portrays him on national television. I looked back at Trump’s earlier tweets. He used to get Alec Baldwin’s name right. This isn’t some recurring autocorrect fail. He now appears to actually think Alec Baldwin is named Alex. This is all he can think about, and he can’t even get that part right.


What will he tweet about next? The resignation of Hulk Hicks? The revoked security credentials of Jason Kushner? How much he hates Hillary Crimpon? If this were the demise of a fictional villain, it would be funny, but this is all too real. Donald Trump has been losing it for a long, long time. Now he’s just plain gone. There’s clearly nothing at all remaining in his head. He’s gone. He’s done. Haul him away before he comes to believe is own name is Ronald Grump.

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