Jared Kushner is toast and Donald Trump is getting burned

A ship stays afloat and stable by something called ‘bilge water’. In the land of Donald Trump, bilge water is used to make the soup du jour, in massive quantities. As we are discovering, today’s soup is a tasty, half billion dollar variety. Made with loving care by Chef Jared Kushner, Prince-in-Waiting, served his famous soup to a few VIP-Other-Peoples-Money men. The soup was so fantastic they decided to invest a boatload of cash in Kushner Companies, which just happens to partly belong to Jared.

First, Joshua Harris, Founder of Apollo Global Management doled out $184 MILLION to Kushner Co, with some ambiguous debate over whether or not Mr. Harris was offered a White House job. This loan was triple their normal loans. But Chef Kushner wasn’t done there. He also met with Citigroup’s Chief Executive Michael Corbat and after dining on Jared’s delicious soup, ponied up a whopping $325 million. Most chefs in the world would love that recipe. I’ve had really good soup, (Crisfields Clam Chowder in Silver Spring MD is amazing) but never loaned anyone hundreds of millions after eating it.

The obvious optics and just plain Trumpian stupidity leaves everyone in the Trump orbit scratching their heads. How could ANYONE not see this? Jared Kushner sold his soul and whatever speck of integrity he had left to offer something so huge, these very rich men ponied up millions! It’s not simply a matter of them loaning the money, they make loans every day, its THESE LOANS specifically. Investors loan money with a reasonable assurance of getting paid back.

Take a walk down Fifth Avenue in New York City and when you start to feel this weird unearthly heat, you know immediately you’re nearing 666 Fifth, the home of the Jared insanity-driven purchase. At the moment, Kushner owes $1.5Billion, a total so huge, even if the building was 100% occupied (it’s not even close) it would still not be enough to pay the payment due. So my question is obvious: What did Jared Kushner offer these companies to make such huge loans knowing there is a ready-to-collapse property in the portfolio? Maybe it was the soup.