Donald Trump humiliates himself in the UK while everything goes wrong for him back home

It’s devastating enough for the President of the United States when he travels overseas and the whole thing goes sideways. It’s a whole other thing when, during the course of that trip, everything goes wrong back home for him that can possibly go wrong. That’s precisely the nightmare that’s playing out for Donald Trump as we speak.

Donald Trump is over in the UK right now, picking a fight with the Mayor of London, having a meltdown because CNN was too mean to him, and insisting that the large crowds of anti-Trump protesters in his vicinity don’t exist. But this is just the beginning of his problems. For instance, George Nader, a close ally of his 2016 campaign, was arrested yesterday on child pornography charges. Not only does this point to Nader fully flipping on Trump, it points to additional sealed indictments being in place against Trump’s various allies. But that’s just the half of it.

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee announced that key Watergate figure John Dean will publicly testify next Monday as an expert witness with regard to Donald Trump’s felony obstruction of justice. Then the full House announced it’ll vote to hold Trump’s Attorney General William Barr in contempt next Tuesday. Then the House Oversight Committee announced it’s also holding Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt. Somewhere in there, the House Majority Whip – whose job is to count the votes on these things – confirmed that Trump will end up being impeached.

Every time Donald Trump goes overseas, his criminal scandals go poorly for him back home. In fact his criminal scandals go poorly for him even when he’s not overseas. But something about this trip, and these past twenty-four hours in particular, feels different. House Democrats are rolling out their strategy against him. Mueller still has far more up his sleeve than anyone knew. And Trump is stuck in London, where he can’t even calm himself by watching the propaganda on Fox News.

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