Democratic House leader just said Donald Trump will be impeached

For weeks, Palmer Report has been pointing why it’s obvious House Democrats will end up impeaching Donald Trump: poll numbers show that the number of Americans calling for impeachment continues to steadily climb, and will soon cross the majority mark. This means that whether the Democrats want to impeach Trump or not, they know they’ll have to. Sure enough, a Democratic House leader is now saying that impeachment will happen.

Jim Clyburn isn’t just any Democratic Congressman. He’s the House Majority Whip, which means it’s his job to count votes within the Democratic House caucus, so that the party knows how many votes it has for or against an issue at any given time. Clyburn, who is as loyal to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as anyone, appeared on CNN State of the Union on Sunday morning.

Host Jake Tapper asked Clyburn this question: “It sounds like you think that the President will be impeached, or at least proceedings will begin in the House at some point, but just not right now?” Clyburn’s answer: “Yes, that’s exactly what I feel.” Again, this is the guy in the Democratic House leadership whose job is to go around and ask members privately how they would vote on any given issue. He’s surely in touch with every one of them, and he knows exactly how many of them want to move ahead with impeaching Trump.

We’ve been explaining all along that you can’t simply listen to whatever Nancy Pelosi or Jerry Nadler might generically say about impeachment in any given speech. They have a strategy here, but they’re not going to give away their gameplan to Donald Trump’s team through their public remarks. If you want to know what’s happening, you listen to people like Jim Clyburn, who knows the impeachment vote count, and is telling us that while impeachment won’t happen right now, it will happen.

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