Is Betsy DeVos the next to go?

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This past week has been pretty rough for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her brother Erik Prince. Prince was caught red handed lying about his meeting with the Crown Prince of United Arab Emirates and Russian government representatives in the Seychelles. The latest cooperating witness in the Robert Mueller investigation, George Nader, is shedding light on this meeting and how it all ties to Donald Trump.

Another black eye for Trump this weekend was delivered by Betsy DeVos herself. She appeared with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. She was either ill-prepared for the interview or she just choked. DeVos, after a year of “working” as Education Secretary, had a hard time answering even basic questions on subjects ranging from sexual assaults in schools to arming grade school teachers with guns.

DeVos’ education policies would make all schools just like the ones that she attended: Christian private schools. She wants to defund public schools, leaving the poor with no good choices for their education. DeVos admitted that she intentionally does not visit public schools that have a low performance record. She was arguably the most hated Trump cabinet member before this interview.

All that aside, here’s the real reason why DeVos may soon be given the boot. While on 60 Minutes, she started criticizing Trump. She started lecturing Trump on his foul language and vulgarity. She said that he needs to be mindful that the president is a role model for others, especially children.

We all know that Donald Trump hates when anyone criticizes him, particularly when it comes from one of his own people, on national television no less. It’s the easiest way to hear the words “You’re fired!” So between Erik Prince’s role in the Russia scandal, and Betsy DeVos’ public criticism of Trump, their usefulness to Donald Trump has come to an end. Is DeVos the next to go?

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