Adam Schiff strikes back after Donald Trump’s own puppets try to “exonerate” him on Trump-Russia

The Republicans on the Trump-controlled House Intelligence Committee abruptly announced today that their long running Trump-Russia investigation is finished, and that they’ve somehow found no evidence of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. We’ve all long known that this particular stunt was coming, and now that it’s finally transpired, Adam Schiff – the ranking Democrat on the committee – is firing back.

After the Republicans on the committee made their laugh-out-loud announcement in defiance of all the available facts and evidence, Trump posted an all-caps tweet bragging about how the committee had exonerated him and his associates. But Adam Schiff wasn’t having any of it. He tweeted this in response to Trump’s outburst: “This was not the finding of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. President, but only a statement by its GOP members, who lack the courage to stand up to a President of their own party when the national interest necessitates it.”

Schiff then went on to reveal that the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are still pushing forward with their own Trump-Russia investigation. He revealed that the Republicans had left “questions unanswered, leads unexplored, countless witnesses uncalled, subpoenas unissued.” He added that “The minority’s work continues” in reference to the Democrats.

This is of course in addition to the legitimate congressional Trump-Russia investigations being carried out by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and others. And of course the only Trump-Russia investigation bearing any criminal weight on the justice system is the one being run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Thus far he’s indicted nineteen people connected to Trump-Russia, and he’s obtained five guilty pleas, including three plea deals from Trump’s key former advisers. The House Intel Committee’s new report will not interfere with Mueller’s ongoing criminal investigation, which by all accounts, is still heating up.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report