Donald Trump’s all-caps explosion reveals just how screwed he is on Trump-Russia

For the better part of a year now, it’s been clear that the House Intelligence Committee was seeking to rush-publish a phony “exoneration” of Donald Trump and his campaign in the Trump-Russia scandal, in the hope of muddying the waters of public opinion before the real investigations are completed. Anyone paying close attention has known it. Even the Republicans running the committee know it. Everyone knows it. That is, of course, except for Donald Trump.

After the Republicans on the House Intel Committee published their laugh-out-loud “exoneration” of Donald Trump today, he went on to post an all-caps tweet that was a combination of celebratory and frantic: “THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE HAS, AFTER A 14 MONTH LONG IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION, FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION OR COORDINATION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.” Here’s the trouble. Trump seems to be hanging way too much on this report, suggesting that he actually believes it’s exonerated him.

This would be like a sports team losing a game, only for a fan in the stands to yell out that the team actually won, and for one of the players on the team to then conclude that, yeah, the fan is right and his team really did win. If Trump truly does believe that this House Intel Committee report has somehow gotten him off the hook, then it means he’s in for a stunning wake-up call.

Strangely, just last week the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was trying to hire Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer, a strong signal that Trump had finally figured out he was in serious trouble. Palmer Report pointed out at the time that due to Trump’s delusional nature, he might not stick to the realization for long. Based on his all-caps explosion, he appears to now believe he’s no longer in trouble. With Robert Mueller moving in, this is the worst possible time for Trump to let his guard down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report