Get your popcorn ready: George W. Bush just took a side in the House Republican civil war

There isn’t going to be a civil war between the United States and Trump’s goons. That’s not even remotely on the table. But there is a civil war going on, right now, within the Republican Party – and a major player just publicly picked a side.

The war is between House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, a Trump loyalist who is in over his head and has no idea what to do now that Trump has been removed from the equation, and would-be House Republican leader Liz Cheney, who is a far right corrupt conservative but at least wants to move the party beyond Trump.

On Friday night, former President George W. Bush leaked that he’s planning to call his former Vice President Dick Cheney, specifically to thank his daughter Liz Cheney for her service. Bush is pretty clearly publicly throwing his weight behind Liz Cheney in her attempt at wresting control of the Republican House away from Kevin McCarthy.


It’s difficult to say precisely how this will play out. But as long as the Republican House is at war against itself, it’ll only make it easier for the Democrats to carry forward with their agenda, and it’ll only increase the odds of the Democrats winning the 2022 midterms. So get your popcorn ready.

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