Get your popcorn ready

Fifty days and things are moving along at a nice clip now. Bill Barr is watching his gift to Trump, his October surprise of Ukrainian dirt on Hunter Biden, fall apart in Russian Federation real time. The wackos and conspiracy nuts are crawling out of their dusty corners to incite the public, and instead of being terrifying, they’re laughable.

Screwballs are always attracted to authoritarian regimes since just by showing blind loyalty, they can get promoted way above their mental and intellectual capabilities. These are interesting times because the panic and flop sweat are really starting to show. Roger Stone is just the first of many nutjobs to come who will be crying out for martial law in the fear that Trump loses. They can already smell the prison toilet wine.

The first thing to know about martial law in the US is it’s extremely rare. Having lived through Katrina, I can attest it was never used there, though many still say it was. The last time martial law was declared in Louisiana was during the War of 1812. Additionally, when Lincoln tried to enact martial law the Supreme Court rejected his request stating that even a civil war was not reason enough for such draconian measures.

But that’s not going to stop people like Michael Caputo, Trump’s HHS shill, from crying out, “Sedition!” They will announce the lizard people, or whomever the boogieman-of-the-day is, are ready to pounce and these Trumpsters will demand all kinds of absurd measures. Now is the time to get out the popcorn because the show has just started.

The US has had moments of appalling errors in judgement in its history, but our Constitution and the balance of power built into it has endured more than this. That it’s been damaged by four years of Trump is incontestable. That it will be fixed, and the country will heal by a Biden/Harris administration is a reality. Get your votes in early and sit back and enjoy watching Panic Theatre. It will be fun to tell the stories to your grandchildren.

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