Horrifying new details out of Donald Trump’s concentration camps are straight out of Nazi Germany

All along Palmer Report has been referring to Donald Trump’s immigrant “detention centers” as concentration camps, because the horrid conditions in Trump’s camps met the criteria. Trump’s camps aren’t death camps in the sense that people aren’t intentionally being put to death. But new details out of the camps today reveal that things are getting derangedly close to that point.

A new whistleblower is revealing that doctors are performing “mass hysterectomies” in Donald Trump’s immigrant camps, thus making sure that the women can’t ever have children. This is eugenics. It’s an attempt at preventing Hispanic people from reproducing, presumably to try to increase the white percentage of the population. It’s Nazi Germany stuff. It’s Doctor Mengele territory. It’s the very worst kind of crime.

I’m finding myself at a loss of words to properly describe the horror I’m feeling after reading the bombshell report from Law and Crime. I recommend you swallow hard and read it yourself. The doctors and guards in these camps need to be sent to prison for the rest of their lives. The only way we can make that happen is to make sure Joe Biden wins, so Trump’s entire Fourth Reich is taken down accordingly.

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