Donald Trump spokesman Michael Caputo has berserk violent meltdown, deletes Twitter account

This weekend we all learned that Donald Trump’s handpicked HHS spokesman Michael Caputo had been secretly pressuring the CDC to alter its weekly public reports on the coronavirus, in what was arguably tantamount to attempted murder. Now it appears Caputo is trying to graduate to first degree murder and perhaps treason, in a flame-out that’s surreal even by the Trump regime’s deranged standards.

Caputo said that if Trump loses and “refuses to stand down at the inauguration,” it’s going to result in violence. Then he told his supporters that “If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen.” In other words, he appears to be calling on Trump supporters to start shooting people if Trump loses the election. To be clear, this kind of incitement to violence is a felony. But naturally things got even stranger.

After people started digging up Michael Caputo’s startlingly racist old tweets, he responded by deleting his account entirely. So this means Caputo is trying to murder people by falsifying pandemic data, trying to convince Trump supporters to murder people, and his tweets were so deranged that he had to delete his account just to try to bury them – and there’s still only a 50-50 chance this guy ends having to resign. What a deadly clown show.

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