Georgia stooge David Perdue’s insider trading scandal just got even uglier for him

After making appallingly racist remarks at a Trump rally that implied he didn’t know how to pronounce the name of his co-worker Kamala Harris, David Perdue set off a chain reaction of stupid and embarrassing antics that forced him into hiding from his opponent, Jon Ossoff. It wasn’t enough that he got torn apart at their second debate together, as public attention on his insider trading scandals multiplied. As he was trying to avoid public appearances, he got implicated in yet another insider trading scandal – and then on Friday, he got caught in yet another financial scandal, that could even involve his running mate, Kelly Loeffler, since it appears to benefit both of them.

It turns out that Perdue is the only senator who wrote to Steve Mnuchin back at the beginning of 2019, asking him to reconsider a somewhat obscure regulatory rule that forces the owners of professional sports teams to lose out on a tax break afforded to other businesses. Both he and Loeffler are co-owners of the WNBA team The Dream, and Loeffler had given sizable contributions to Perdue’s campaign. This means that Perdue’s scandals could have the unfortunate effect (for him) of bringing her down too. It’s obvious why Perdue is skipping out on his upcoming Dec. 5 town hall debate, as he has yet to make an official statement on this latest revelation, but it’s probably not a good thing to have your corrupt practices in writing.


At this rate, the two GOP senators seem to be imploding all on their own without the party’ added baggage. It’s another reason we need to give all the support we can to their opponents, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to make sure they win the Jan 5 run-off. You can jointly donate to their campaigns here.

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