Michigan’s Republican legislators could be in deep trouble over Trump Hotel stunt

Donald Trump’s Michigan legislature stunt has 100% failed. The Republican legislators who met with him released a statement afterward confirming that they’re not going to try to sabotage the electoral votes, and insisted that they spent the meeting lecturing him about providing pandemic aid to Michigan.

But those legislators could still face criminal charges for even meeting with Trump. They knew Trump would want to discuss a criminal conspiracy to illegally reassign electoral votes, yet they took the meeting anyway. So it was really dumb of them to have partied that same night at the Trump Hotel that night, drinking expensive Dom Perignon, apparently on Trump’s dime. No wonder they’re releasing panicky statements.

Imagine being asked by a mob boss to meet with him, and you know going in that he’s going to ask you to murder someone. So you take the meeting, listen to his murder plot, then party with him all night at his property… and then think you’re off the hook just because you turn down the murder for hire job? There’s a reason that conspiring to commit a felony is itself a felony, whether you go through with it or not. They’ll have to argue that they never had any intention of going through with Trump’s criminal pitch, at which time they’ll be asked why they partied with him that night anyway.

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