Frantic desperate coward Jim Jordan goes berserk over January 6th Committee

Congressman Jim Jordan, who is best known for speaking histrionic gibberish at a million miles an hour in an effort to derail congressional hearings, has arguably never not been berserk in his behavior. But now that the January 6th Committee has cornered him as a key witness and potential participant in the Capitol attack, Jordan is going particularly berserk.

To give you an idea of how afraid Jim Jordan is of where this is all heading, when the January 6th Committee asked him for his cooperation, he initially said yes, before quickly flip flopping and saying no. The reason he can’t decide on a path forward is that he knows they’re all bad options for him.

To that end, Jordan just tweeted a lengthy and at times incoherent letter addressed to the committee. At one point Jordan appears to argue that the committee can’t be legitimate because he himself isn’t on the committee. Jordan also falsely claims that the committee “doctored” one of his text messages in a prior hearing, when in reality the committee merely added a period to the end of it.


At this point Jim Jordan is trying to decide whether he’s more screwed if he fails to cooperate with the committee, which could get him referred for contempt and potentially land him in prison, or if he defies his master Donald Trump, who must have some kind of incredible dirt on him. Either way, Jordan is about to be destroyed for all to see.

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