District Attorney says charging decision against Donald Trump is coming

They’re ever-watchful, like attentive cats, quietly observing and missing nothing.

They know what they’re doing. They watch, and they take note.

They are District Attorneys.

And for Trump, the investigations he is at the center of are many.

And now we have news on one of them.

Per AP, it is being reported that a charging decision in Georgia against Trump could come as early “as the first half of this year.”

The DA for Fulton County told AP that the investigation is progressing well and that much progress has been made.

“I certainly think that in the first half of the year, that decisions will be made.”

The District Attorney also said she wants to be as “thorough as possible.” “We’re going to be very methodical,” she said. “Very patient and, in some extent, unemotional about this quest for justice.”

Do you know what I think?

I believe 2022 will be OUR year. Already it has started well for the Democrats, and there seems to be news virtually every day now.

Of course, I cannot be sure Trump will be charged. Nobody can. But it does appear that the investigation is moving as it should. It is a fact-finding mission, and I’ve no doubt it will successfully uncover all the facts.

Tick-Tick Donald Trump.


So now we wait. And we remain ever-watchful, missing nothing ourselves as the quest to bring Trump to justice marches on.

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