Everyone piles on as George Santos crashes and burns

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The thing about House Republican George Santos is that he’s such a cartoonishly over the top villain, you can’t even parody him. When it was first revealed that he’s falsified nearly every aspect of his personal and professional history, plenty of folks sarcastically asked if “George Santos” was even the con artist’s real name. Then it turned out Santos actually went by the name Anthony Devolder.

Now Santos seems to think he can make himself more popular by running into the arms of Donald Trump, even at a time when an increasing number of Republican political figures are trying to figure out how to move on from a fading and soon to be indicted Trump. Santos tweeted this: “Donald J. Trump will be the 47th POTUS.”

Let’s just say that it didn’t go well for him. Within the first several hours Santos’ tweet had received thousands of mostly negative replies. House Democrat Ritchie Torres fired back at both Santos and Trump, tweeting “The two of you have a higher chance of being indicted.”

Of course Santos may just be playing the fool in an attempt at distracting everyone from the very serious new sexual harassment allegations against him. At this point even House Republicans probably wish they could ditch this guy, if only because the endless negative headlines about serial liar Santos are making it difficult for House Republicans to gain any traction with the lies that they’ve been making up.

But if House Republicans were to expel George Santos, they would lose the seat temporarily for sure, and would probably lose it in a special election for the rest of the term. Given that it took Republicans fifteen rounds to install Kevin McCarthy as Speaker by just one vote, they can’t afford to expel Santos right now or it could throw their entire caucus into chaos. And so House Republicans are stuck with Santos’ endless negative headlines drowning out their own dishonest agenda, which frankly they deserve.

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