Fox News just cut off Donald Trump and aired Joe Biden instead

Earlier this week Donald Trump publicly expressed his frustration after Fox News aired President Obama’s campaign speech. Trump still seems to believe that Fox was propping him up all this time because it liked him, when in reality these decisions are always about ratings and maintaining relative credibility with your audience.

Trump is sure to be even more upset when he gets word that Fox News cut him off mid-speech today in favor of airing Joe Biden’s rally speech in full. Trump always counted on getting an unfair amount of cable news airtime in 2016, particularly from Fox, and it’s a contribution factor as to why he’s in office.

But at this point Fox News appears to have concluded that Donald Trump is likely to lose, and that Joe Biden is a better ratings draw, even for its right-leaning audience. Whether Fox viewers like Biden or not, many of them expect him to be the next President, so they’re interested in what he has to say and what he’s going to do.


If Trump was hoping Fox would keep propping him up until the bitter end, he’s about to learn the hard way that his relationship with Fox has always been transactional. Trump is loyal to no one, so it’s fitting that Fox is finally being less loyal to him during his time of need.

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