This isn’t working for Donald Trump

As much as Donald Trump and right-wing pundits like to portray Joe Biden as hiding in his basement, despite the fact that Biden has been campaigning vigorously across swing states since late spring, Donald Trump could probably benefit more from hiding in his basement, as he consistently has meltdowns and embarrasses himself with major missteps each time he goes out in public. He even openly admitted at one Pennsylvania rally last week that he didn’t want to be there, yet he has to keep them up, because his campaign is too broke to do advertising.

First of all, rallies aren’t exactly the solution because they tend to draw out Trump’s base more than anybody else. In fact, there’s data to show that wherever he holds a rally, it reduces his favorability, since these things are seen as super spreader events, coming to states that have already seen an uptick in cases. Today, however, was one for the ages, when he traveled to Arizona and brought out an old right-wing favorite: If Joe Biden is elected, apparently Christmas will be canceled. No – he really said this, and to be sure it wasn’t a gaffe, it’s posted to his Twitter as a Fox News clip that he’s evidently proud of.


To be clear, he was implying that Biden would shut down the country due to COVID, rather than directly bringing up the War on Christmas canard as Republicans like to do, but this is just another reason why he’s wrong on so many levels. Biden’s plan calls for a safe reopening of the economy with more testing and a mask mandate, as well as listening to the doctors – all of which is the exact opposite of what Trump is setting out to do by promoting a reckless herd immunity theory. Someone really should tell Trump that his term doesn’t end until January, so he’ll still be president on Christmas anyway. Someone aside from the legions of people on Twitter mocking him for saying something so stupid. Let’s make sure it’s his last one in the White House, by voting him out of office on November 3.

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