Even Fox News ends up bailing on Donald Trump’s psychotic border press conference

Donald Trump traveled all the way to the U.S.-Mexico border today, simply so he could hold a toothless press conference that ended up being as much of a snoozer as his Oval Office address. CNN and MSNBC treated the stunt like the non-event that it was, but Fox News at least tried to hang in there with him. Then things reached a point where even Fox felt it had to bail.

Trump sat in a room with some border patrol people, along with piles of cash, guns, and drugs, creating the unwitting appearance that perhaps he was preparing to go on the lam in order to avoid the criminal charges he was facing. America wouldn’t get that lucky, of course. Instead Trump merely rambled on like a racist version of Grandpa Simpson, making no sense, and making everyone uncomfortable.

At one point Donald Trump began telling made-up stories about people driving across the border with women who had electrical tape over their mouths, and that’s when Fox News decided to abruptly cut away from the debacle. You can decide if Fox was disgusted by what Trump was saying, or if Fox was merely trying to protect Trump from his own meltdown.

Either way, even Donald Trump’s buddies at Fox weren’t willing to prop up his border stunt for very long. Of course as soon as the disaster ended, the news broke that Michael Cohen is scheduled to voluntarily testify in public about Donald Trump’s crimes before the House Judiciary Committee. Oops.