Donald Trump goes berserk after learning Michael Cohen is scheduled to publicly testify against him

The Democratic Party controlled House Oversight Committee announced today that Michael Cohen will publicly testify about the crimes he committed with Donald Trump, and Cohen quickly followed that up by expressing his eagerness to go through with it. Not long after, Trump went completely off the deep end.

Jim Acosta of CNN, a fearless White House correspondent who refused to back down even after Donald Trump illegally tried and failed to revoke his press credentials, traveled to the border today to cover Trump’s trip there. Trump’s border stunt turned out to be low key and ineffective. Acosta posted a video of the border in Texas, revealing that even though there are obvious openings for people to sneak through, local residents say it simply isn’t happening. Suffice it to say that Trump wasn’t too happy about this.

Donald Trump quoted Jim Acosta’s tweet and added “Dear Diary…” in front of it. This is in reference to an obscure and extraordinarily stupid line of attack that his own braindead supporters regularly launch at Acosta’s tweets. It’s idiotic when they do it; it’s completely bonkers for the supposed President of the United States to do it. Moreover, Trump unwittingly helped amplify the fact that no border wall – or steel slats or whatever else – is even necessary.

The Michael Cohen testimony news landed like a bomb and quickly took over the news narrative for the day. Even though it’s scheduled for four weeks from now, it’s a definitive sign that the end of Donald Trump is coming sooner rather than later. Trump was desperate to put the focus back on his deranged imaginary wall, but he swung and missed before falling down and landing in his own swamp.