Based on what he’s been tweeting today, Michael Cohen is so eager to publicly testify before the House Judiciary Committee, he’s practically salivating. The committee has had plenty of time to set up the logistics, and realistically, they could have Cohen testify tomorrow if they wanted to. So the question of course is why the committee is choosing to wait four weeks. There’s a rather obvious explanation for this.

If Michael Cohen were to publicly testify tomorrow, all he could talk about would be the two existing felony counts against Donald Trump, unless he were looking to reveal new information. While we all want to hear what Cohen has to say, and Robert Mueller surely has no problem with Cohen doing this, it would seem really odd for Mueller to let Cohen be the first one to reveal new Trump crimes. Yet Cohen made clear on Twitter today that he intends to dish on far more than just the two felonies.

The most logical explanation here is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and/or the SDNY have told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings that by February 7th, a lot more about Donald Trump’s Cohen-related crimes will have been made public. The only other explanation would be that Cohen plans to publicly reveal things that prosecutors don’t want out there yet, which would make no sense, as Cohen is desperately hoping prosecutors will listen to his testimony and then decide to help him get a more lenient sentence.

The bottom line here is that we’ve just been served four weeks notice. Everyone with inside knowledge of the situation is making plans around the expectation that a major reveal will be made about Donald Trump’s crimes between now and February 7th. Indictments and legal proceedings don’t always go according to planned schedule, so it’s entirely possible they’re leaving a four week gap because they’re hoping things will be out there in two weeks, or three weeks. Bottom line: stay tuned.