Former federal prosecutor makes the case for criminal charges against Donald Trump in coronavirus crisis

What Donald Trump is doing right now is mass murder in the eyes of most people. Not only have his lies and incompetence gotten a whole lot of Americans killed in the coronavirus crisis, he’s now withholding aid to states whose Governors he doesn’t like, thus purposely ratcheting up the death toll. But does this meet the legal definition of a crime?

Respected former federal prosecutor and current NBC News legal analyst Glenn Kirschner spelled it out this way:



“Involuntary Manslaughter” may sound a lot less severe than how the average person sees Donald Trump’s actions. But the court of law has a different threshold for criminality than the court of public opinion does. The bottom line is that with Trump now in severe danger of losing the election in November and no longer being President by January, he now has to worry about facing even more criminal charges once he’s gone. Of course he’s already facing life in prison and then some, so he may be past the point of caring.

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