For all the marbles

The Supreme Court’s decision not to preemptively strike down Texas’ new anti-abortion law does not mean that the court will end up siding with the law once the case inevitably comes in front of the court. But it’s nonetheless an ugly, sexist, and frankly un-American development that should send a chill down the spine of anyone with a conscience and a pulse.

It also means that the 2022 midterm elections are going to be for all the marbles. All the marbles. At this point the only way to salvage the abortion issue, and other crucial issues like it, is to remake the Supreme Court. There are only two ways to do that. One is amass enough of a Senate majority that we can end the filibuster and and expand the court. The other is to hang onto the existing majority long enough for some of the conservative Justices to die of old age, so they can be replaced with decent Justices.

The bottom line is that we now have to win the midterms. There’s no other path forward. It’s the next fundamental step we have to take in rebuilding our country and taking it back from the psychopaths who spent the previous four years trying to burn it down.

But you can damn well better believe we’re going to be motivated to put in the work required to win the midterms. These right wingers are living in a fantasy world in which they’ve already won, and therefore don’t think they need to put in any work. On the other hand, our side – the pro American side – is going to be more motivated to drive the vote than we’ve ever been.

It’s all hands on deck. We have no time for defeatism. No time for lamenting. No time for hand wringing. No time for floating excuses about why we shouldn’t bother putting in the work because we’re somehow going to lose anyway. This is simply too important to waste any time on self pity. Instead, we have to get out there and fight like we’re going to win. We can do this. We won in 2020. We can do it again in 2022.

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