House Republican “Freedom Caucus” goes completely off the deep end

The war in Afghanistan is over — and it was a long time coming. Most people are relieved to be out of there. But there are a few people who seem to be deeply and profoundly upset. One such group of people are a band of individuals who are known far and wide.

They are known as an incompetent and scraggly bunch who do not seem to actually DO much of anything except run their stupid mouths off and cause trouble for all who come in contact with them. This pathetic group is known as the freedom caucus.

The freedom caucus, whom I have renamed the misfit caucus, consists of traitors like Arizona’s Andy Biggs, Virginia’s Bob Good, and Colorado’s Lauren Boebert. Trying to look somber, the misfit caucus held a press conference which almost nobody covered.

The words they spoke were the usual garbage — they called for the resignation of President Biden, the resignation of secretary of state Anthony Blinken, and tried very hard to look as if they cared about the Afghanistan refugees.

It is rather nauseating to see insurrectionists trying to look empathic and somber. Of course, these same people can barely hide their repulsion at the thought of Afghan refugees coming to — gulp — America! Anyway, the press conference went nowhere as the misfit caucus surely knew it would not.


And it really wasn’t a press conference. In reality, what this pitiful spectacle consisted of, was a group of scruffy deceivers and outcasts, standing alone in their own bullshit, trying once more to be taken seriously. It didn’t work.

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