Legal expert thinks Jeffrey Epstein’s death has opened the floodgates against his co-conspirators

Earlier, Palmer Report pointed out that if one or more of Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators were somehow responsible for his death, they sure were stupid for thinking that taking Epstein out would make the whole thing go away. The Epstein scandal had already reached the point, before his death, where the public scrutiny alone ensured that it was all going to come out. Now it turns out it may come out in even uglier fashion for his co-conspirators.

Former FBI Special Agent and current CNN analyst Asha Rangappa pointed out on Twitter that Jefrey Epstein’s original (absurdly lenient) plea deal was a “global” one which protected certain unnamed co-conspirators in Epstein’s crimes. That protection may have ended up being thrown out in court anyway. But because Epstein is now dead, and he was the only one who could have tried to keep those protections in place, his co-conspirators are now in prime position to be exposed.

Meanwhile, the SDNY says it plans to continue pursuing the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, though it’s not clear to what extent the SDNY may be compromised by the Trump regime. Attorney General Bill Barr says he’s launching a DOJ Inspector General probe into the matter, but based on track record, there’s no reason to expect Barr to oversee this in an honest manner.

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