Donald Trump gets lambasted for floating deranged conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein has died in prison of an “apparent suicide” while he was being prosecuted by Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, in a case that was being overseen by Donald Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, after Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta initially let Epstein off the hook. So naturally, Trump wants us to believe that one of his political adversaries had Epstein murdered. No, really.

This afternoon Donald Trump retweeted two different lunatics who had each floated the deranged claim that Bill Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein murdered. Nevermind that Clinton would have had to somehow magically pull this off while Epstein was in the custody of the Trump regime. This was whacked out even by Trump’s rock bottom standards, and everyone began piling on accordingly.

Congressman Ted Lieu was quick to point out that to Trump that “you were friends with Jeffrey Epstein and were at parties with him. His death happened under your watch. Before you tweet out conspiracy theories, you may want to first talk with your AG Bill Barr and your head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.” Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal tweeted this: “It is unfathomable to me that a President of the United States would retweet this. Literally unfathomable. It would be outrageous for even a member of a local city council, let alone from the person who is to Take Care that the Laws be Faithfully Executed.”


But as is so often the case, it was actor, activist and humorist George Takei who won the internet. He turned the conspiracy theory tables on Donald Trump with this quip: “Trump will be giving a statement on Epstein’s death. Aides aren’t worried he’ll sound inauthentic because he’s been rehearsing it since yesterday.”

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