Mike Pence finds himself in the middle of bizarre controversy

Over the past month, Mike Pence has found himself involved in one controversy after another. First his trip to New Hampshire was canceled at the last second, and Pence was basically MIA for a period of time, but no one in the Trump regime was willing to say why. Later, the Trump regime claimed it involved an alleged drug dealer, which means the real story was probably even uglier. Now Pence is involved in yet another bizarre controversy.

It all started when disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong posted this profane tweet: “I can’t drop many people on a bike these days but I just blew the fuckin’ doors off Mike Pence on a Nantucket bike path. Day. Made.” That set off so much controversy, Armstrong’s name began trending atop Twitter. Eventually, Armstrong responded to the controversy he’d created: “Some people can’t take a joke or even having a little fun on twitter. Lightin’ the fuck up people. But seriously, I did blow his doors off!” He included a couple of smoking emojis.

So what’s all this really about? Mike Pence really was in Nantucket today, according to his own Twitter post. He was there on an official visit with his wife and the Governor of Massachusetts, so unless something went completely off the rails, we don’t think he was actually on a bike at any point.

But the mere image of Pence losing a bicycle race to Lance Armstrong was enough to give a lot of people a moment of glee, on a day when the main story was the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein while he was in the hands of William Barr’s Department of Justice. So thanks, Lance Armstrong, we think. It’s also a reminder that Mike Pence is such a widely despised figure, all you have to do is mention him to set off a controversy.

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