First Donald Trump appointee arrested in January 6th Capitol attack

Here’s the thing about criminal investigations into wide scale conspiracies. They nearly always begin at the bottom, with the arrests of the lowest level henchmen, on the most straightforward charges. Then the investigation moves upward to the ringleaders, with the cases against the biggest fish built on the backs of the cases against the smaller fish.

Thus far we’ve seen hundreds of people arrested and charged in the January 6th Capitol attack, but none of them are names that anyone had heard of prior to the attack. In fact none of the arrestees have even had clear connections to Donald Trump. But that just changed tonight.

Politico is reporting that a Donald Trump appointee named Federico Klein, who worked in the Trump State Department, was just arrested for the Capitol attack. It’s not yet clear what the charges are, so we don’t know if he’s accused of storming the Capitol himself, or if he’s accused of having helped coordinate the attack. But it’s clear that the investigation is moving further up the hierarchy.


This seemingly puts us one step closer to seeing potential conspiracy charges against people like Roger Stone and Alex Jones, who reportedly helped organize and incite the attack without physically being a part of it. And of course this could all end up leading to charges against Donald Trump, the biggest fish in the criminal conspiracy.

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