Rachel Maddow just brought down the house

Rachel Maddow is generally the most insightful host on cable television, and tonight she had one of her best shows in recent memory. Earlier today Palmer Report brought you the story of how one of the insurrectionists had a whiny meltdown in front of a judge, but of course there was no audio or video footage of it. Maddow opened her show tonight with a dramatic recreation of the transcript, which was about as entertaining as one might have hoped.

Maddow then used her MSNBC show to highlight today’s CNN report that the Feds are investigating phone communications between members of Congress and the January 6th insurrectionists, which certainly spells bad news for any members of Congress who were coordinating or conspiring with them.

But the most revealing segment of Maddow’s show tonight may have been when she spoke with Senator Chris Murphy. She got him to reveal that there are ongoing and evolving conversations within the Senate Democratic caucus about the filibuster, and that while patience is necessary, there is an expectation that the liberal agenda will get passed into law.


This echoes Palmer Report’s stated expectation that if Senate Republicans dare to actually try to filibuster something, we could see Senate Democrats move to eliminate the filibuster for that specific kind of legislation. The liberal agenda isn’t going to happen overnight, because that’s not how politics works, even when you’re in charge. But we do expect it to happen.

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