Matt Gaetz blasted for offensive remarks about President Biden

Everyone with a degree of sense knows Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is a fool. He represents the most extreme core of the GOP, and his disgusting rhetoric is not going away. But with his latest comments about Biden, Gaetz has revealed what a craven individual he is.

These comments echo a theory that has been circulating amongst incredibly idiotic Republicans. That theory is that Joe Biden is not running the country because he is too frail. The comment by Gaetz was sickening. Gaetz said Biden lacks the mental capacity to be running the country. He also said, “I’d be concerned about giving Joe Biden the code to my garage door opener.”

Gaetz is a dolt. However, he is not the only one. Fellow conspirator Sean Hannity seems convinced of this as well. Hannity speculated that Biden’s Chief of Staff, one Ron Klain, is secretly running things. These conspiracy theories are nothing new as the GOP attempted to do this to Hillary Clinton during her Presidential run.

But Biden’s getting the last laugh. In a little over one month in office, he has accomplished more than Trump did in four years. His popularity has never been higher, much to the GOP’S chagrin. And now he is on track to achieve so much with his COVID vaccination plans.


I will make a prediction. I predict that Biden will historically be known as one of our most beloved Presidents ever. Biden has a combination of two things. He is empathic, an often overlooked but much-needed quality. AND he can reach across the aisle and get things done. This past month or so has shown that. Biden is what America needs. Gaetz, Hannity, and the rest of their cronies can continue to spew their hateful diatribes. America, meanwhile, is on track to flourish.

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