GOP Congressman worries that Donald Trump might finish his party off

With the release of the highly redacted Mueller Report it is clear that Donald Trump, along with his campaign, inaugural team, and administration, did everything in their power to obstruct justice in order to hide their crimes. While Democrats continue to weigh their options whether or not to impeach Trump, a select few Republicans have decided to buck the trend and call out Trump for his malfeasance.

With the 2020 election ramping up, some Republicans realize that Trump will likely weigh down their campaigns. As the 2018 midterm elections proved to be a blue wave, sweeping an unprecedented number of Democratic candidates into office, there are a large number of Republicans who now are having to question whether or not supporting Trump in 2020 should be their ultimate policy.

It turns out some prominent Trump supporters are beginning to realize that their chances of reelection do not revolve around espousing Trump policies. Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin (a state that Trump absolutely needs for reelection), who has voted with Trump 94.9% of the time, has come out publicly opposing Trump based on his low approval rating.

“I think the solution is going to have to come from a popular president who can drive through the solutions that we want. Right now, our president is not quite popular enough to do it,” Grothman stated recently. It is certainly odd that a congressional Trump supporter would call him out like this, but it appears some in Congress have reached their limit, knowing it may affect their reelection chances.

Grothman went on to discuss his opinions, stating Trump “is the only president in the history of Gallup polling never to earn the support of a majority of Americans even for a single day of his term.” While Trump’s approval rating will likely never exceed that important number, due to his inability to reach across the aisle for any type of compromise, it is good to see Republicans publicly calling out Trump for his partisan actions.

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