Yes, Donald Trump is still going to prison

Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced in his final report that he wouldn’t be bringing criminal charges against Donald Trump for collusion or obstruction of justice, leading Trump to declare that he’s been exonerated, and prompting his supporters to believe it. If only they had bothered to read the Mueller report, they’d know that the precise opposite is very much true.

Robert Mueller laid out a laundry list of Donald Trump’s numerous felony acts of obstruction of justice. He then stated that he wasn’t going to bring any charges against a sitting president, and that accordingly, it would not be appropriate for him to take a position on whether charges should be brought. Mueller also spelled out that if Trump is impeached, it will not hinder prosecutors’ ability to bring criminal charges against him once he’s out of office.

That alone tells you all you need to know. Robert Mueller, a veteran prosecutor who understands how these things work, fully expects that Donald Trump will be criminally charged as soon as he’s out of office – so much so that he’s explicitly telling House Democrats that they’re free to impeach Trump now, and its won’t screw up those eventual criminal charges. Those charges will include everything from obstruction, to the illegal payoff to Stormy Daniels, to whatever the Democrats uncover in the Trump financial records that they’re in the process of seizing. And these are just the federal charges, before getting to whatever criminal charges the Attorney General of New York ends up bringing against Trump.


So unless you think a jury is going to acquit Donald Trump on all of the nearly endless criminal charges he’s going to face, yes, he’s going to prison. At this point Trump is in a situation where he can expect to be arrested as soon as he leaves office. So much for Trump somehow being exonerated.

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