Donald Trump’s financial world is already collapsing after his election loss

– All of this has happened in the past few days: 1) Vornado cancels a property sale that would have benefited Trump. 2) Deutsche Bank moves to offload Trump loans to more serious creditors who will call them in. 3) Trump International Hotel sale falls apart. Now that Trump has lost, his financial world is already collapsing.

– Even Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, that soulless monster, is publicly calling for Trump to get off the pot. It was never about Republicans “growing a spine” or “finding their conscience.” Those concepts don’t exist in the Republican world. It was always going to come down to how their evil agendas were being negatively impacted by Trump’s insistence on dragging this out. The longer this goes on, Trump will have even less leverage, not more leverage.

– The panickers spent the election insisting that Biden make this or that panic move, or else Trump would win. But Biden is savvier than that, which is why he won. Now the panickers are still insisting that Biden make panic moves. When are they going to figure out how stuff really works?

– Democratic politicians in general are savvy and good at fighting for us. We just don’t notice, because we’re too busy asking why Democratic politicians aren’t fighting for us. Hate to say it, but they’re not the problem, we are. If we actually followed their leadership consistently, we’d win more often. Democratic leaders are begging us to get involved in the Georgia Senate runoffs, instead of fretting over imaginary doomsday scenarios about Trump magically winning. When will we start listening to them?

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