The media is already trying to invent phony scandals about President-elect Biden

Multiple members of the traveling press pool are throwing a fit on Twitter because President-elect Biden changed up his schedule today and they didn’t get to go along, accusing him of dodging accountability. It turns out Biden simply decided at the last minute to go to church on a Saturday. It’s hilarious watching the media invent minor reasons to criticize Biden, so they can pretend they’re equally tough on both sides.

If the media had the guts to admit that Trump objectively has far more scandals than Biden, and that Republicans objectively have more scandals than Democrats on the whole, they wouldn’t have to keep up this charade. But they still think “unbiased” means pretending both sides are exactly the same. That’s not journalism. It’s journalism theater.

– Every presidential transition seeks private donations. I don’t know who tricked some of you into turning against Joe Biden because he posted a transition fundraising link, but these are people you should never listen to again. It’s important not to fall for it when these kinds of agitators try to trick us into being outraged at our own side over imaginary things.

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