GOP Senator Pat Toomey slams door on Donald Trump and congratulates President-elect Joe Biden

For awhile now, Palmer Report has been pointing out that the longer Donald Trump drags out his loss, the more inconvenient it becomes for his allies, and the more of them will selfishly start shoving him toward the door.

Now that Trump has definitively lost his court case trying to magically overturn the results in Pennsylvania tonight, he’s becoming a real liability for the Republican Party. At this point it’s just one headline after another about what a sore loser Trump is. Voters in the middle tend to remember that kind of thing, and punish the party accordingly.

So it’s not surprising that in the wake of tonight’s ruling, Republican Senator Pat Toomey – who represents the state of Pennsylvania that Trump was trying to magically overturn – is now formally congratulating President-elect Joe Biden. Toomey says that Trump has “exhausted all plausible legal options.”

While Trump can try to appeal, it’s not about his viability in court. It’s about his viability with key Republicans who are starting to selfishly worry that Trump’s sore loser routine is going to harm their own political viability. Toomey gets zero points for waiting this long. But it’s nonetheless great news for us, because it puts Trump a big step closer to the door.

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