Weird feud between Donald Trump and Mike Pence comes to a head

When they’ve appeared in public together, Mike Pence has beamed at Donald Trump in almost Stepford-like adoration. And even as one ugly story has leaked out of Trump’s sieve-like White House after another, we haven’t heard much about any real trouble between Trump and Pence. However, that’s recently taken a turn for the worse, as the two camps have begun feuding over something very specific. Tonight that Trump-Pence feud finally came to a head.

Mike Pence wanted to hire Jon Lerner as his national security adviser. The trouble: Lerner was a prominent “Never Trump” person during the election, and Donald Trump has made a point of not allowing those types to work in the administration, even if they’re fully qualified. Earlier today, Axios reported that Trump was considering blocking Pence’s hire, which was weird, considering that Lerner is already Nikki Haley’s deputy. Trump allowed Haley to hire the guy, but now he’s suddenly giving grief to Pence? It didn’t add up. Now it just got uglier.

Pence’s attempted hire of Lerner has now been called off entirely, according to a statement made by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It’s strange, to say the least, that the announcement is coming from Trump’s people, and not from Pence’s people. Were Pence and Lerner even involved in this announcement, or is the Trump camp simply announcing that Lerner has withdrawn, in order to sabotage the whole thing?

In any case, Palmer Report has spent the past week noting that, since the FBI raid against Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, the mainstream media is finally talking about the end of Trump’s presidency. That would mean Mike Pence becoming president, for as long as he might last before the Trump-Russia scandal takes him down too. Is it a coincidence that Trump is now suddenly picking petty fights with Pence? Keep an eye on this.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report