We told you the end of Donald Trump’s presidency was on the table

Earlier this week, after fearless White House correspondent April Ryan asked during a White House press briefing, if Donald Trump was considering resigning, Palmer Report told you that the resignation question was officially on the table; now that the question had been asked on national television and answered by Trump’s own spokesperson, the narrative would stick. Sure enough, at the end of the week, that’s turned out to be the case.

Today the New Yorker ran an article with the title “Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency.” This comes after a liberal Esquire columnist ran an article titled “Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now,” and a conservative New York Times columnist posted an op-ed titled “Why Not Mike Pence?” Mainstream media voices on the left and right are now firmly talking about how the end of Donald Trump’s presidency is now on the table. Why does this matter?

Palmer Report has been spelling out from the start how Donald Trump’s various criminal scandals, and the investigations into them, would ultimately lead to his demise. But while politically knowledgeable people read Palmer Report in order to remain on the leading edge, average Americans sitting at home don’t read Palmer Report. Instead they get their political news from their television, and from the kinds of “mainstream media” publications like the ones mentioned above.

Donald Trump’s presidency will end when average Americans – the ones who didn’t vote and usually don’t care about politics – finally decide that it must end. They take their primary cues from the mainstream media outlets who cover more than just politics. Now that those outlets are finally talking about Trump’s potential resignation, and the fact that he’s going to be ousted one way or the other, this is what shifts the national conversation. We’ve turned a major corner this week.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report