Donald Trump’s legal team reveals its desperation as everything goes wrong

Donald Trump is acting more frantically frazzled than usual, both in public and behind the scenes. It turns out Trump isn’t the only member of his team who’s reaching the point of desperation. Trump’s legal team, which at this point consists of a guy who doesn’t technically represent him, an idiot, and someone he just hired on Wednesday, is going to desperate lengths in court right as everything goes wrong for their side.

Trump’s legal team is now in court trying to get the evidence against him thrown out that was seized in the FBI raid against Michael Cohen. The judge in question isn’t going to give any preferential treatment to Trump just because he’s a sitting president. Yet according to a new report from Bloomberg, Trump’s lawyers are nonetheless reduced to making the laugh-out-loud legal argument that Cohen and his attorney should be allowed to review the seized evidence and only turn over whatever they feel like to Trump’s legal team, who should then be allowed to turn over whatever it feels like to the Feds.

Not only does this legal argument have no real chance of winning, it’s such a middle finger to the rule of law that it may actually prompt the judge to go further in the other direction, under the premise that Trump’s side is arguing in bad faith. It’s even more surreal that Trump’s side is arguing for greater involvement from Cohen’s attorney, who has more or less gone missing since the raid, as Trump’s legal team has basically taken over.

Palmer Report asked a legal expert for an assessment of that all of the above means. The response: it means that the Feds are “winning” in this court battle. If Donald Trump’s attorneys have made him aware of how badly this is going for him, perhaps it helps explain why he’s become so dejected about his prospects.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report