Donald Trump’s big purge continues

Now that Donald Trump’s entire life is on fire and his criminal scandals are steadily inching him out of the Oval Office and toward a prison cell by the day, how’s he responding? By taking it out on his own loyal people, naturally. He just finished running off Hope Hicks after figuring out that she was going to have to cut a plea deal against him. He’s punishing his own son-in-law Jared Kushner. Now he’s moving against his next major target, and it’s once again one of his people.

Trump is now making moves to oust his own handpicked National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, according to MSNBC. We’ve heard this one before. But this time Trump appears to have convinced his other two military General advisers, James Mattis and John Kelly, to go along with the move. There’s a lot of idle speculation out there as to the reason for this move, but evidence-based analysis rather obviously points to McMaster’s recent public acknoledgment that Russia did indeed meddle in Trump’s election. So now what?

The biggest hurdle to getting rid of McMaster is that virtually no one seems to want to replace him. McMaster was Trump’s third or fourth choice for National Security Adviser, depending on how you do the counting. Michael Flynn had the job for a few weeks before he had to resign in a criminal scandal. Robert Harward then profanely turned the job down. It was then reportedly offered to David Petraeus, who couldn’t have done the traveling required for the job because he’s still on probation. Who could possibly want this job next? One infamous name is being floated.

Various major news outlets are now pointing to John Bolton as the top potential replacement for H.R. McMaster. John Bolton is a racist xenophobic nihilist neoconservative lunatic left over from the George W. Bush administration. He’d be such an abhorrent choice, we’d rather Trump simply pick pop singer Michael Bolton and get it over with.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report