We’re now at the m-word stage of the Republican “let’s move on” propaganda. Ted Cruz tagged AOC in a Tweet and AOC let him have it, saying essentially there was no working with him since he almost had her murdered. And here we are.

No one can legitimately dispute AOC’s accusations. She might be a young upstart, but she’s had every rational reason to fear for her life. Speaker Pelosi is also correct in taking Republicans to task for overlooking Marjorie Taylor Greene’s social media posts whereby she publicly agrees Pelosi needs a bullet to her brain. It’s revolting and not in a “storm the Capitol” way.

There’s an intractable truth coming out which the complicit Republicans own. And it was inevitable. Hate begets hate. For decades the Republican party has stood by while TV and talk radio slammed Dems as the evil cause for every problem in the world. It’s a way of deflecting in order to jam their agenda of tax cuts for rich and their power grab. Now it has come to the logical conclusion.

I’m sure Greene and Lauren Boebert are running scared right now. Taylor Greene is apparently self-canceling her social media posts but to no avail. They’re already out there and viral. Ted Cruz, Hawley and the rest of the complicit mob in Congress need to be called the attempted murderers they are and expelled. Unfortunately, this will take time and people will object to the “divisiveness.” Let them. Then say there is no unity with those who defy the Christian commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill.

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