QAnon goes completely off the rails

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Cutting to the chase, these QAnon people are insane. They have divorced themselves from the ‘shared’ reality. Different from more traditional psychoses, QANonsense is a personal choice; the choice to dive down the rabbit-hole. It is a warped and twisted mental construct which runs counter to the reality most people experience in the real world. It is insanity by choice.

The appeal is that the QAnon experience is empowering; secret messages from an unseen, unknown Sibyl – an occult Oracle – decoded by ‘true believers’. 
Gee, what fun!
Being privy to the secrets of the Deep State where public figures worship Satan, sex-traffic in children and eat babies in non-existent basement of pizza parlors is, apparently rewarding in some perverse quasi-intellectual way.

This supposed empowerment is not personally empowering, however. The psychosis that is QAnon is an initiation; a gateway to a community of QAnon-ninnies. (Think ‘Jonestown’ but without journeying to Guyana; a special world of secrets and ‘QAnon sequitur’ in the comfort of your own wifi-router!)

The appeal of the ‘initiate mystery cult’ is not new. Many of the traits of the QAnon cult are in common with Alistair Crowley’s Order of the Golden Dawn and other occult mystery societies.

When the society in general experiences a drastic change in the social order, one can find secret societies which promise the ‘real and true’ answer to life, the universe and everything.

What is different about QAnon is that its primary focus is not growth but rather stasis. It is not about ‘spiritual growth’. ‘Q’ offers a place of resolution where one can resolve the vagaries of politics, contemporary society and celebrities.
And wear a cryptic T-shirt in the bargain.

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