Everything falls apart

Donald Trump has illegitimately been in office for more than a year, and it’s gone so poorly for him that the number of “good days” he’s had can be counted on one hand. We’re not even talking about days that are good for the nation (there have been zero of those). Even the days where he pulled off something good for himself have been few and far between. So the bar is set so low that it takes a series of truly ugly developments to qualify as an unusually bad day for Trump – yet that’s what just happened.

Things began going wrong when the Michael Cohen bribery scandal took the one ugly turn that Donald Trump feared the most: the magic words that tied the money trail directly back to Trump. Sure enough a major British newspaper reported yesterday that when Cohen sought a multimillion dollar bribe from a Qatari businessman during a meeting that took place at Trump Tower, he promised to funnel the money back to the Trump family. So now Trump has officially been tied to bribe money. Then it got worse.

Trump has become so desperate for a victory, he’s placed his remaining chips on being able to get something accomplished with North Korean lunatic dictator Kim Jong-Un. That’s like sticking your head in the mouth of a rabid lion, and hoping the lion responds by cutting a peace deal with you. Sure enough, Kim blew off the South Koreans yesterday and publicly threatened to blow off his big meeting with Trump. And hey, why not cause trouble? Kim doesn’t necessarily need this meeting. Trump definitely does.

Just to rub things in even further, several major news outlets are reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has won yet another major victory in court over Paul Manafort, as the judge has thrown out Manafort’s desperate bid to get the case dismissed. This means Manafort is one step closer to having to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. Everything really is falling apart for Trump and his goons.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report