Michael Cohen’s bribery scheme just got traced directly back to Donald Trump and his kids

The Donald Trump – Michael Cohen bribery scandal has officially gotten even worse. Yesterday, Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti revealed that Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn met at Trump Tower during the transition period with a Qatari businessman who later went on to allegedly brag that he succeeded in bribing the Trump adaministration. Last night Avenatti said that once the full details of the meeting surfaced, they would redefine the word ugly. Now the other shoe has dropped, and it turns out he wasn’t kidding.

Cohen specifically asked the Qatari investor to give millions of dollars, which he promised to pass along to the “Trumps,” according to a new report from major British newspaper Daily Mail. We wouldn’t automatically give the Daily Mail credence, but in this instance its reporting falls closely in line with what Avenatti predicted, and Avenatti seemed to sign off on the story by tweeting a link to it. So what does this mean?

In short, it means Cohen wasn’t seeking these “consulting” bribes on some sort of lone wolf basis; he was seeking bribes on behalf of Trump and his family. This spells out more clearly than ever that Cohen was being used as a conduit for funneling bribes to Trump while keeping Trump’s fingerprints slightly away from the money.

As Palmer Report has previously explained, if Michael Cohen had been soliciting these bribes strictly for himself, and he was doing it under Donald Trump’s nose, he’d never have dared to hold such a meeting at Trump Tower. In addition, because Michael Flynn has already cut a plea deal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller already knows what went on during the meeting.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report