The real reason Rudy Giuliani is lying about Robert Mueller indicting Donald Trump

Last night Rudy Giuliani revealed that he has a “Plan B” in place when it comes to Donald Trump’s legal defense against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a seeming admission that his current “Plan A” wasn’t working. Now we’re seeing what Plan B looks like, and it consists of lying. Rudy claimed today that Mueller’s team told him it knows it can’t indict a sitting President – but this conversation obviously never happened. So what’s Rudy trying to do here?

Even if Mueller and his legal team had concluded that the Constitution doesn’t permit them to indict a sitting President, they would never admit such a thing to the other side. No smart person ever stupidly gives away that kind of leverage. So Giuliani is flat out lying about it. But why?

It would be easy to write this off as simply the latest instance of Rudy’s brain escaping him. However, there may be more to it. By telling this lie, Giuliani may have just forced the issue. Mueller and his team may now decide that they have to make a public statement refuting that they said this. In such case, Mueller’s side would then have to publicly state its actual position on the legality of indicting a sitting President, which would give Donald Trump’s team some time to gameplan for it before Trump could be indicted.

So either Rudy Giuliani is lying about this because what’s left of his brain has fully evaporated and he’s just making things up at random, or Rudy is lying because he’s finally hit on a smart strategy. But either way, there is simply no way that Robert Mueller told him Donald Trump can’t be indicted while he’s still a sitting President.

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