Even Pat Robertson is now telling Donald Trump to go away and never come back

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election and then proceeded to make a sore loser fool of himself, he’s made it a lot harder for his allies to stick with him. In fact he’s made it a lot easier for his allies to selfishly decide that their best career move is to throw him under the bus.

Accordingly, far right evangelical preacher Pat Robertson is now insisting that the “very erratic” Donald Trump should admit he lost and move on. In fact Robertson is going as far as to tell Trump not to bother running in 2024 either. In other words, go away and never come back.

Why is Pat Robertson doing this? He’s a corrupt fraudster with no principles, so it’s not like he suddenly grew a conscience. Instead, he’s made a calculation that his own career (and profit potential) will be better off with Donald Trump out of the picture. Trump’s transactional allies were always going to selfishly sell him out once he reached the point in his downfall that he became a liability to them. We’ll see more of this as Trump continues to circle the drain.

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