Donald Trump has completely lost the plot

Donald Trump wants us to believe that he’s somehow magically found evidence that will allow him to overturn the election results in court, or that the military is somehow going to force a new election to be held, or some other strongman fantasy. But Trump’s actions reveal that he’s in a very different place.

Trump signed an executive order today banning certain kinds of modern architecture from being used on federal buildings going forward. Art deco is in, for instance, but brutalism is out. Everyone has their own opinion on architecture, but the real upshot is that Trump is focusing on this kind of thing at all.

When you consider that this executive order will go by the wayside in thirty days when President Biden takes office, the whole thing feels like some kind of one-off favor to someone Trump owes money to. It’s the kind of corrupt favor trading that Palmer Report warned everyone to keep an eye out for, as it’s what corrupt politicians do when they know their days are numbered.

So yeah, Donald Trump should be criminally charged for even talking about a military coup, even though he knows and we know that he’s not within a million miles of having the muscle to pull that off. But keep in mind where Trump’s real focus is: small time endgame antics like federal contracts. When it comes to trying to somehow magically remain in office, Trump has completely lost the plot.

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